The Tickets page, which can be reached by selecting the Tickets tab in your event admin area, outlines the different types of tickets you have set up, and allows you to add new ones.

A standard ticket is set up automatically when you create a new event, and this may be enough for your needs. Different ticket types allow you to have tickets available at different times (such as an early-bird option), at different prices (such as a discounted rate for students), or with limited availabilities (if you wanted the first 50 tickets to be half price, for example).

Creating and Editing Tickets

To create a new ticket type, select the "Create new ticket type" link from the Tickets page.

By selecting a ticket type name from the Tickets page, you will be able to edit the details of that ticket type.

The details you are presented with will be the same for either creating or editing a ticket:

  • Name - A label for the ticket type, that will be seen both by yourself in the admin site (such as on the Attendees page), and by registrants when they select tickets. Examples might be "Standard," "Early Bird," "Student," "Members-only," etc.
  • Price - The price for one ticket, in the currency you selected when creating (or editing) the event.
  • Number of tickets available - If you want to limit the number of tickets (if you wanted the "first 50 tickets half price", for example). If the value is 0, the number of tickets will be limited only by the capacity of the event (which you will have specified when creating the event). Available tickets will never exceed the capacity you have set for the event.
  • Maximum number of tickets a single person can book - if you've got a special ticket that you don't want someone to take large quantities of, you can limit that here. You might invite someone to attend an event as "Guest + 1" for example, in which case, you would enter "2" here, so that they can only take two of those tickets. If the value is 0, there will be no limit.
  • Valid from date - When the ticket will be available from. If left blank, the ticket will be available immediately.
  • Valid until date - The date after which the ticket will no longer be available. If you have an "Early bird" discounted ticket, for example, you would put the last date that this is available here. If left blank, the ticket will be available until the first day of your event.
  • Color label - this will apply a color to the attendees who have a ticket of this type on the attendees page. It can make things a little easier to track if you have different colors for different tickets, especially when there are lots of attendees.

Additional Charges

If you need to add additional charges, such as sales tax, or booking fee, simply select either the "add new percentage charge" or "add new fixed charge" link next to the Additional Charges heading on the main Tickets page.

You can add as many or as little additional charges as you like, and they will all be applied to all of your tickets.