Your Event

In the event section of your admin area, you will find three tabs at the start of the page, which will take you to various subsections:

  • Attendees, outlining who's coming to your event, with related information such as who booked that person for the event, the booking date, and special requirements.
  • Tickets, which outlines the different ticket types you have set up for your event (such as Standard, Early Bird, Free Pass, etc.)
  • Event Site, which enables you to edit the web site for your event, or the registration pages to link to from your own site.

When you are in a page other than the event home page, the name of the event, next to the account name, at the very start of the page, will become a link that will take you to the event home page.

The Event Home Page

The event home page, which can be reached from the links via the Upcoming Events table in your account home page, is split into two main sections:

  • The outline, directly following the event name heading, where you will find the date of the event (and a count-down to it), the venue, the capacity (and the number of people so far registered), a link to the event web site, and a link to edit your event information.
  • Recent Activity, which shows you the last 20 bookings (or less, if there hasn't been that many), when the booking was made, who made it, and for how many tickets. See the help page on RSS feeds to find out how to subscribe to this information.

Confirmed and Held Places

In your event outline you may find yourself with a list item that says something like _"Capacity: 120 (3 confirmed + 1 held so far)"_. There are two circumstances when places are held:

  • A registrant has selected the tickets they want, but has not yet completed the registration process (either by not yet confirming, or not having paid)
  • An attendee has not yet accepted or declined an invite that you have sent
  • In the first case places are held for 30 minutes (which should be more than enough time for a registrant to complete the booking!). In the second case, they are held indefinitely - either until the attendee RSVPs or until you cancel those attendees.