RSS Feeds

On the Recent Activity areas of your account and your events, you will see a little orange icon. This will link you through to an RSS feed for that particular information that you can subscribe to and keep up to date with happenings without having to log into your account. When someone makes a booking, its details will be added to the feed, which you will be able to see straight away.

To utilize the feeds, you will need to use a feed reader, such as FeedDemon, Bloglines, or NewsGator. You can also configure browsers such as Firefox and email programs such as Thunderbird to handle RSS, but they tend not to be as good as the dedicated programs and web sites.

To remain secure, the feeds on EventWax are password protected so that no one else can read them. If you are using a desktop reader, such as FeedDemon, simply input your account name and password when prompted. If you are using a web-based reader, sich as Bloglines, you will need to include your account name and password in the relevant URL, such as