Editing Your Account

To edit your account details, click the Account tab at the top of all admin pages.

  • Display name is used as an alternative to your account name in your admin area, and can be used dynamically in your event sites and mail outs. Whereas your account name might be "bobsevents", your display name could be "Bob's Events"
  • Account email is that used by the system to email you, and can be added dynamically to your event sites and mail outs.
  • Address is the URL for your account admin area. This is for reference and can not be changed!
  • Password is your key for unlocking your account admin area. It is also used to access RSS feeds.
  • Confirm password asks for you to re-enter your password, to make sure you've spelled it correctly.
  • Payment gateway is required if you are going to charge for your event. You will need to select the service, such as PayPal or Secpay, you are going to use to accept payments. Make sure you have one of these (and a merchant bank account - talk to your bank manager - if you are using anything other than PayPal) established beforehand!