Creating and Editing Events

To create a new event, select the "Create new event" link from your account home page. Event details can also be edited by selecting the "Edit event information" link on the event admin home page. Whether you are creating a new event, or editing an existing one, you will be presented with similar options. Those fields marked with an asterisk are required.

  • Name - the name of your event
  • Logo image - an optional image to go along with your event, which will be shown in your event admin home page, and can be used on your event web site.
  • Venue - the venue name (and address, if you choose). This will also be shown in your admin pages, and can be shown on your event web site.
  • Time zone
  • Currency - If you're going to be charging for tickets, this one's required.
  • Start date - select the date of the first day of your event from the calendar, cycling through the months with the "<" and ">" links.
  • Start time - enter the time your event starts in the format hh:mm. If your event starts at 8.30pm, for example, type 20:30
  • End date - like the start date, select the end date from the calendar
  • End time - just like the start time
  • Capacity - If there is a maximum number of people you can have at your event, put that number in here. If you leave it blank, there will be no limit.
  • Ticket price - The price of a standard ticket for your event. If you are not charging, "0" will do the job. You will be able to add multiple ticket types, conditions, and prices once you have created your event (and so this option will only appear when you are creating an event, and not when you are editing an event)
  • Sales tax - If any tax should be automatically applied to your tickets, put that in here. Again, you will be able to add more detailed rules to ticket types once you have created your event.

Hit the "Save" button to save these details, and you will be whisked away to your event.

Remember that you can select the account name link at the top of the page to return you to your account home page at any time if you choose not to create an event.