About EventWax

The birth of EventWax in 2006 was brought upon with one thing in mind—creating a simple solution for an ominous task.

The challenge was obvious. How can technology streamline large-scale corporate events such as industry conferences and other smaller-scale ticket-driven events such as training classes?

Original founders Patrick Griffiths and Dan Webb of the United Kingdom opened a door to a simpler, quicker way to plan events with the creation of the online registration product. Five years later, EventWax has evolved into one of the leading online event tools under the guidance of technology entrepreneur Kevin Taylor. Taylor, also president of the Chicago-based Agile software firm Obtiva, acquired EventWax in 2009.

Taylor is an avid user of EventWax—using it to organize industry conferences and training classes through Obtiva. Now Taylor, with his wife Jennifer, are driving EventWax forward into its 7th year of growth. Their focus for EventWax and its users: Keep it simple. Get it done.

"As we move ahead, we'll refine and craft EventWax so it continues to be the online event planning and registration software you love to use. We know because we too are event organizers, sponsors and speakers. We understand that a successful event starts way before the attendees arrive." —Taylor

EventWax, Easier, Smarter Online Event Registration.