The Attendees Tab

You can reach the attendees section of your event admin area by selecting the "Attendees" tab, near the top of the page, at any time.

This page shows an overview of everyone attending your event.


To sort the table rows alphanumerically, click the column heading (such as "Attendee," "Booking Number," or "Booked By"). Clicking it again will reverse the order.


To quickly find an attendee or booking, start typing what you are looking for in the magnifying glass emblazoned text box labeled "Find". As you type (you might have to give it a few seconds to work things out), the contents of the table will change to show only those things that match what you are looking for. This will match anything, be that attendee name, booking number, or notes.

If you want to find someone called "Bob Smith," simply start to type that in (you might not have to type in the whole thing), and the if Bob Smith exists as an attendee, registrant, or appears in any notes, they will be brought to the fore. If you want to search for a booking number, simply type that in.

Confirmed, Unconfirmed, and Cancelled Statuses

Attendees can be one of three statuses:

  • Confirmed, which are those who are definitely attending your event
  • Unconfirmed, which are those who have been added to your event through being invited, but have not yet responded to that invite
  • Cancelled, which are those who have been cancelled

You can toggle which attendees with certain statuses you want to see with the Confirmed, Unconfirmed, and Cancelled tick boxes.

Mailing, Canceling, and Exporting

To do any of these tasks, you will first need to select the checkboxes (at the start of every row) of the people you want target. Selecting the checkbox at the very top of the table will select everyone.

  • To send an email, hit the Mail button, and the mail panel will appear. Select either attendees to email the people coming to your event, or registrants to email the people who made the bookings for the event. Even if someone appears more than once in your selections, no one will receive more than one email from you. You can add event, attendee, and registrant-specific details to the messages with special mail tags - see the Special Tags for Event Site and Mail help page.
  • To cancel attendees, hit the Cancel button. You can switch between including and excluding the cancelled attendees in the table by checking and unchecking the "Show cancelled" option at the top of the table.
  • To export the attendee and booking data, select the Export button, and the export panel will appear. Choose how you want your data (either as a standard .csv file, which you can put straight into your own spreadsheet program, or as a .xml file, which can be manipulated by various specialist applications), and then what data you want to export - that relevant to attendees, bookings, registrants, or every bit of data in one go.

Accessing and Editing Details

Selecting the links inside the table will bring up the relevant detail of the attendee, booking, or registrant.

Sending Invites

Selecting the "Send Invites" link will open up a simple form into which you can list the email addresses (or names and email addresses) you want to invite to your event.

Once you hit the Send button, your message will be sent out to the email addresses you specified, along with two links - one to accept the invite, and one to decline it. All the recipient has to do is select one of those links, and then confirm their RSVP on a special page on your event site.

When you send out invites, attendees are added to your event as Unconfirmed. If a person declines the invite, their status will be changed to Cancelled. If they accept, it will be changed to Confirmed.