The Event Site Tab

You can set up the web site for your event tab (or just the registration pages, if you want to incorporate that into your own web site) in the Event Site tab.

The first thing you need to decide is whether you want an EventWax-hosted web site for your event, or if you want to use your own web site (hosted elsewhere) and simply link through to the registration pages.

An EventWax-hosted Site

By selecting this option, you will find the following options and information:

  • The location of the event site, where you want to point all of your potential attendees to
  • Home page content, allowing you to write what you want to appear on your site's home page. You will find this pre-filled with some default content, which you can leave as is, edit, or delete completely and start from scratch. As well as straightforward text, you can also apply event-specific information, and basic formatting - see the Special Tags for Event Sites and Mail help page for more.
  • Theme, specifies how your event site will look. You can stick with the default theme, or create your own.

Using Your Own Website

If you simply want to link through to registration pages from your own site, select the "I'm going to use my own web site" option. The options and information you will be presented with will be slightly different:

  • The location of the registration pages, which is where you will need to link to from your site.
  • Theme, which will define how your registrations pages look. You can create a theme to look just like your web site and you can even import an existing CSS file by using the @import selector - see the CSS Tips help page for more.
  • The return URL is important as it specifies where the registrant should be taken once they have completed the registration process. It could be your home page, or, even better, a specially made "Thank You" page.